The Right People

Every great organization sits upon the bedrock of outstanding people. The cornerstone of our foundation is a dedicated team of the right people. Each individual at our company has been hand-selected because of the knowledge, skills, and value he or she adds to the team and brings to our customers. Our commitment to seeking out the right people extends well beyond the staff at Elam Real Estate. We have also developed an incredible network of vendors and affiliates who embrace our high standards and share our passion for our customers.

Why It Matters To You…

Full Time Professionals

Every member of our team is a full-time real estate professional, so your call gets answered or promptly returned because someone is always available to address your questions and concerns.

Tremendous Experience

With nearly 50-years of combined industry experience, our two brokers have successfully handled just about anything that might come up in your transaction, so you don’t have to worry about surprises.

A Team of Experts

Your transaction will efficiently move along with precision because each aspect of your sale is expertly handled by a specialist in that specific part of the transaction.

Extraordinary Education

Our relentless pursuit of self-improvement helps you avoid trouble because our team is always well-trained in the latest real estate trends and techniques.