I met Dan a few months after I had lost my wife and son. I was trying to sell my house and was working with a guy at the time. Dan just said, "Keep me in mind. I promise I'll work hard for you." A few months later, I gave him a call and met with him. From the start he was very involved and diligent about getting my house sold. He knew it was a tough sell, but he didn't care. He knew my situation and was determined to help me. He worked his butt off doing everything he could to get my house sold. He never gave up. He and Melissa were there for me in my time of need. I tell anybody I know who's trying to buy or sell a house to call him. He works hard. I'll never use anybody else. If you want it done, call him. He'll make it happen.
Andrew McKnight
We are so thankful for your team!!! Carey has been patient and has worked relentlessly to get us in a house. We could not have made it through this process without your excellent team! We have been blessed to have people of integrity on our side. We appreciate all you have done. "Thank you" does not seem sufficient.
T. Pender
I told my husband to stop so we could at least begin a conversation / relationship with someone in Tennessee. As luck would have it, we met Leslie and we just want to let you know what a kind, caring and conscientious person (as well as agent) you are employing. Our goals are a bit in the future, and even though, Leslie continues to follow up, send kind notes, and really great listings to us. Sometimes we wish we could be moving now, however, we are sure Leslie will work with us to put us in our future "dream home". Whenever we have a question on a property, taxes, location or tweak our must haves, Leslie remains positive and supportive. One thing that she is outstanding at is returning our emails! AND they are from her, not computer generated. How often does that happen these days! Leslie is a wonderful person and an agent second, if real estate agents had a "bedside manner" she would be #1
Joe & Laura Falotico
Misty went above and beyond to help me find the perfect house for us even though we ended up with one completely different than what we told her we were looking for from the beginning. She never got frustrated even though we were in a hurry and ran her ragged for two whole days looking at several properties. I also liked Tracey's professionalism when handling things at the office. Everything was handled promptly and professionally. I couldn't give them a higher rating.
Stacey McNulty Hitt