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E-Vantage Home Buyer Guarantee

You'll love your new home or we'll sell it...for FREE!!!

Historically REALTORS® were not required to work with buyers under a formal Buyer Agency Agreement. Most states now require that all real estate agents disclose agency in the form of a written agreement. A real estate agent can work with a buyer in a variety of agency relationships. Most agents do not educate their clients. We work with our buyers strictly in a Buyer Agency Relationship. What does this mean to you? This means we are working strictly for you, our buyer. **ELAM Agents work to have “The Heart of a Teacher”

Our Pledge to Buyers

We feel so strongly about it, we put it in writing.

To provide unsurpassed service to help you buy your home at a fair market price, in the
shortest time, with the least inconvenience to you, we will:

  1. Explain real estate agency relationships (in a manner YOU understand).
  2. Fully analyze your property needs and desires.
  3. Make sure you are up-to-date on CURRENT market conditions.
  4. Provide helpful community data.
  5. Explain local, CURRENT real estate practices and procedures.
  6. Provide information on lenders and financing alternatives.
  7. Search the local Multiple Listing Service for suitable properties.
  8. Coordinate appointments and show all properties of interest, whether the properties
    are our listings or not.

  9. Provide relevant market data as to fair market value of homes.
  10. Disclose all KNOWN material defects of the property.
  11. Explain the offer-presentation process (in a manner YOU understand).
  12. Deliver any state required Property Disclosure forms.
  13. Carefully explain and prepare Offer to Purchase forms.
  14. YOU work with FULL TIME Closing Dept Professionals – this greatly improves
    communication and provides a much better understanding of the process.

  15. Strive to obtain the best possible price and terms for you.
  16. Explain post-purchase activities and responsibilities.
  17. Follow up on all post-purchase activities.

Purchasing a home is an important decision that affects your life in many ways. With such a large step, there is bound to be some level of hesitation. If within 90 days of moving in, you don’t love your new home, we will sell your home for FREE.

  1. Guarantee period begins on date of closing and ends after 90 calendar days
  2. We will waive all listing-side commissions.

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